2016 Top Spot Award from the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department!


Thanks to everyone who came out to the 2011 Pizza Pallooza and an extra special thanks to the voters! We won 1st place in the Peoples’ Choice Award and 2nd place in the Judges’ Choice Award with our new Four Cheese Garden Pizza (broccoli, tomato, red onions and blend of provolone, colby, monterey jack, and feta cheeses, try one today!).

The History of the Grinder

The term “Grinder” can be traced back to the East Coast, where during WWI, Italian immigrants set up sandwich shops close to the shipyards. Their freshly baked Italian rolls were filled with generous amounts of meats and cheeses and were then baked and garnished with lettuce and tomato. These super-sized sandwiches were a favorite of the hard working men who ground rivets off the metal warships. The friendly shop owners referred to the men as grinders and the ever popular sandwiches also came to be known as “Grinders.”

This Mancino’s Pizza & Grinders location is a sister store to Amie’s Pizza Factory at the corner of McCord and & Central.

*NOTICE* Please check your coupons before bringing them in. There are coupons for the old Mancino’s that we can no longer redeem. Current coupons will have our address and an expiration date.